Christian Worthington (born 1976) is a Canadian-born painter who resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba. A life-long student of the works and legacies of the Old Masters (most notably Caravaggio, Rembrandt, as well as modern masters Rothko, and Frankenthaler), his paintings dually reflect the meticulous and well-plotted techniques of the masters, and the contemporary sensibilities of the Modern painters.

Early life
Throughout his youth, Worthington worked constantly at his craft. After completing high school, he enrolled at the Ontario School of Art and Design in Toronto (OCAD), leaving during his first semester over "philosophical differences". He decided to forgo traditional academic training, favouring non-institutional methods. He traveled to some of the world's greatest museums and galleries- Tate Modern, National Gallery in London, the Louvre in Paris, and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam- to examine and study from the Master paintings up close. A self-starter and autodidact, he absorbed their methods and philosophies through extensive reading and research, incorporating his discoveries into his own unique body of work.


Worthington concerns himself with painting as being a serious investigation into beauty, as well as a timeless medium able to withstand cultural and technological trends. His earlier practice delved into the complex narratives, drama, and techniques of the Northern, Italian, and Spanish Renaissance. For several years he explored Christian themes and portraiture, seeking to understand Caravaggio and his contemporaries. Upon seeing an exhibition of Rothko abstracts at the Tate Modern, Worthington began drawing parallels between those ancient paintings and what the Modernists were doing, believing that the two generations of artists approached art with the same integrity and conviction. His work began to take on a new hybridism of ancient and modern techniques, a continuous exploration of oils, with endless experimentations in glazing, layering, and non-conventional methods of paint application. 


Worthington's paintings and large scale sculptures have been shown in, and sold to, private and public collections all across North America and the UK, hanging alongside the prized works of Albrecht Durer and Pablo Picasso. His success as an artist is due to his tireless practice and studiousness, and his entrepreneurial sensibility. He continues to gain popularity among patrons and buyers, both public and corporate. The most recent acquisitions of his works have been made by St. Margaret's Anglican Church, Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP, Tapper Cuddy LLP, the Western Financial Group, Canada ICI Capital Corporation, the Royal Bank of Canada, the Trump Towers in Miami, Florida, the public collections of the Government of Manitoba, and Manitoba Hydro. Canoe Park, a public and large scale sculptural installation can be seen in Norwood Grove, Winnipeg. Christian has participated in numerous art fairs including ArtToronto, Art Miami, and Art Now. Recently he has appeared in Letters Journal from Yale University.


Independent Study

• National Gallery, London England
• Wallace Collection, London England
• British Museum, London England
• Louvre, Paris France
• Musee D'Orsay, Paris France
• Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam Holland


• National Gallery, London England
• Kenwood House, London England

• Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City
• Frick Collection, New York City

Exhibitions and Events

• September 2018. Canoe Park, public sculpture installation, Norwood Grove, Winnipeg.
• September 2018. Maquettes at Lantern, LANTERN, Winnipeg.
• September 2018, Art Now- Saskatchewan Fine Art Fair. Represented by LANTERN.
• August 2018. Featured in Letters Journal, Yale University.
• March 2018. "Credo" Saint Margaret's Anglican Church, Winnipeg.
• October 2017. "Night, Streets, The Lantern" LANTERN, Winnipeg.
• December 2016. "Sermons to the Birds - Post-secular Icons" Gurevich Fine Art, Winnipeg.
• January 2016. "500 Years of Prints" Gurevich Fine Art, Winnipeg.
• December 2015. "2015" Gurevich Fine Art, Winnipeg.
• October 2015. Art Toronto, Represented by Gurevich Fine Art. Toronto, Ontario.
• December 2014. Zeitgeist Vs. Great Man. Gurevich Fine Art, Winnipeg.
• October 2014. Art Toronto, Represented by Gurevich Fine Art. Toronto, Ontario.
• October 2014. Anno Domini. Rosedale Presbyterian Church. Toronto, Ontario.
• December 2013. Miami Art Week. Lunatika Gallery. Miami, Florida.
• November 2013. Three - Christian Worthington. Gurevich Fine Art.
• September 2013. Embracing the I-kon - Group Show. Mennonite Heritage Gallery.
• April 2013. Le Beau Geste - Christian Worthington. Sao House, Montreal.
• November 2012. Painting is History- Christian Worthington. Gurevich Fine Art.
• April 2012. The Politics of Colour- Christian Worthington. Zephaniah Gallery.
• June 2011. Representational Technologies- Christian Worthington and Andrew Milne.   Zephaniah Gallery.
• May 2011. Image event. Panel discussion with Greg Wolfe.West End Cultural Centre.
• April 2011.Oil and Wax- Christian Worthington and Keith Wood.Zephaniah Gallery
• October 2010. New paintings- Christian Worthington. Zephaniah Gallery.
• September 2008. Patrick Neufeld and Christian Worthington.Cre8ery
• August 2006. New paintings- Christian Worthington. Light Gallery, London, England
• November 2004. Annunciation Series- Christian Worthington. Mennonite Heritage Gallery.



He has appeared in Canadian Art (view here), CBC national news, Winnipeg Free Press (reviewed here), Time out London, the Presbyterian Record (view here), Image Journal, Imago, Eat your Arts and Vegetables, Cardus, and has been a speaker at many events, recently First Fridays Winnipeg at the free press cafe, the Manitoba Society of Artists conference on art history at the Winnipeg art gallery, an Image Journal event with Greg Wolfe, and Pecha Kucha.

Christian has supported or donated to The Winnipeg Art Gallery, Manitoba Opera, United Way, Winnipeg Humane Society, North Point Douglas Women's Centre, the Exchange Community Church, Femfest, and an independent food project in Ghana, Africa. He has served on the board of Arts Junktion, spent several years on the board of Exchange Community Building (75 albert street), dedicated to providing artist studio spaces in Winnipeg's exchange district, and has been a guest instructor at Art City.

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